Secondary English Composition / Essay Marking Package

Is your child practicing their composition writing at home to prepare for his/her upcoming tests/exams? 
And afterwards, you realise that there is no one available to mark and review what they have written? 
In need of teachers to mark, review their essays and give them feedback to help them improve?

We are here to help…

Introducing… our Secondary English Composition Marking Package where our teachers would mark and review your child’s essay. 

Signup for our composition review and marking package to get extra practice for your child’s essay writing.


What is included in this package:

  • Student gets to choose from our list of comprehensive essay topics.
  • Our list of essay questions are specially curated to help students prepare for their examinations.
  • Our teachers will mark and review your child’s written compositions for content, language and structural errors in writing
  • Identify and suggest ways to help student improve areas of weaknesses
  • Our Teacher will provide a 10 minutes voice message to explain the given comments to the student.

Start writing today!



Essay questions are specially curated and chosen based on past year O level / IP /Secondary English examination question trends and analysis.

Students have 7 days to complete the essay on the google doc created and sent by our teachers

Upon completion, our teachers will mark and revert within 7-10 working days.

Introductory price: $50 per essay / $95 for 2 essays (Usual Price:$120)

Through the notes, which provided me with content during tests, the rigourous practices that allowed me to hone my skills and my teacher’s feedback on my essays that have helped me to improve. I have learnt useful comprehension answering techniques and step by step methods to write interesting discursive essays. The experience at learning journey was great. I like the fact that classes are usually light-hearted. The teachers were kind and caring and the notes provided me with good content to score in exams and there were a lot of practices to hone my writing.

Classes at learning journey are engaging and very useful, and I was able to learn a lot compared to other tuition classes. Also, my teacher was willing to mark the extra work that I have done and gave me good feedback. I would recommend Learning Journey to my friends as they have really helped me to improve my language. I am able to write much better now and it has allowed me to secure an A1 for O levels English, from an unstable grade of  A2/B3 for English a year ago.”

Samuel Boon, Catholic High, Sec 4

From “fail” to B3 for “O” Level English in 6 months! Thank you for helping me to get into the JC of my choice!”

Dev, Compassvale Secondary School, Sec 4

“It has been almost a year since my child joined Learning Journey for the Super Writers (Secondary) English classes . Lessons so far according to him have been nothing short of engaging. He was also equipped with the skills necessary to do well for Paper 1& 2. This has certainly helped him to improve his score from B in Sec 1 to A for Sec 2, SA1 . In addition, what I like about this centre is the commitment of the teacher in charge of my son’s class & Ms Grace is very approachable & constantly sincere in helping her students to achieve. I’m glad my child did not disappoint her!”

Mrs Lim, son in Victoria School, Sec 2

I graduated in 2019 and Learning Journey Education Centre has really helped me alot for Os! I was with them for about a year when I first started around December in secondary 3 and my English grades were horrendous(F9) throughout my secondary life but thanks to the Teachers’ patient guidance throughout my journey with them, I managed to get a B3 in O levels, for which I’m extremely grateful for.

LJEC uses a different and unique teaching method, which is that after every major school exam, they will review our test papers individually and give specific comments and advice on how to improve on the different components. For example I remember my comprehension was really weak so the Teachers gave me a lot of comprehension practices and in-depth explanation. Furthermore, LJEC has their in-house materials which Principal- teacher Grace personally compiled and these books are filled with valuable resources (like points,examples,good phrases to use for the different compo topics) which I found really helpful as I felt like I was better prepared compared to others due to having this advantage against the rest!

LJEC has customised lesson plans based on the students’ needs and the Teachers will teach according to your needs which is really useful. I went to several other tuition centres and they have a rigid timetable of (compo, comprehension and so on) .

Honestly speaking, I would recommend LJEC as they provide really good resources and they customise to your needs which other tuition centres often lack.

On a side note, the teachers always gives us snacks and makes sure we are mentally healthy to continue studying as they understand that the O levels is a hard and tiring journey for students, which I really appreciate!

Jenell, CHIJ SJC ‘19

(From F9 to B3 for O levels English)

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