Free Webinar : Motivation For Home-based Learning

Finding it tough to motivate your kids for HBL?

Home-Based Learning (School and tuition online work) is often challenging and frustrating for many students and parents during this stay home period…
Even though the “official” HBL period is ending soon, another round of “HBL” is starting soon for those who are preparing for PSLE or home based revision to prepare for the new term starting 2 June…. 

Date: 26th April 2020, Sunday

Time: 8-9PM

How do we magically make our children more self-motivated about revision and managing their assignments (without our nagging?).

*Limited seats available

Meanwhile, hang in there mummies and daddies!
Congratulations…You survived weeks of HBL!
What doesn’t kill you, makes you STRONGER! 
We are in this…together. 

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