PSLE Intensive workshop

PSLE Intensive workshop

PSLE Intensive Workshop

Is your child well-prepared for his/her PSLE?

With these classes, your child will be ready to ace his/her examinations with confidence!

Our intensive preparation classes will be conducted by Teacher Grace and our team of LJEC Teachers.

    What’s covered during the classes

    ✅ Must know PSLE Composition topics
    ✅ Revision of important synthesis rules
    ✅ Revision of must know grammar rules
    ✅ Must know words for editing
    ✅ Comprehension OE strategies


    Fees: $200: 2h x 2 day Lesson
    Online: Thurs 9 & Fri 10 September 12.30-2.30pm

      To Register, Call/Whatsapp us: +65 9720 8802

      “Irene shared that the class was useful and good. She commented that Teacher Jayan was very patient in his explanation when she asked him questions and taught her many new and useful words to use for composition writing such as replacing words like “tell” with inform, etc. We stay in the West and very far from Learning Journey’s branches. We are so glad we can now attend their classes from home! Yay!”

      Irene (P5)

      (by Mr Lim, Father of Irene)

      Belle has attended different online lessons from various tuition centres and she voted Ms Ong’s class as the most fun and interactive one! I think it’s because she gets to discuss with the teacher and classmates. The class size is small and conducive for discussion and learning. I’m very glad that Annabelle is looking forward to her class every week!

      Belle (P5)

      (by Mdm Lee, Mother of Belle)

      “My son’s English grades improved from a B to A within 3 months!We are so confident with Grace and her team that we also enrolled Calen for the Chinese writing class. And after 3 months, his grades improved from a C to A! Many thanks to Grace and her team for doing a fantastic job!”

      Calen, P6 Catholic High

      (by Mummy of Calen)

      “Ever since my daughter attended the Super Writers English tuition classes, she started scoring above 30 marks for her class compositions from 20+ marks. She is now more motivated and confident and hopes to score at least 70 marks for her SA1! Thank you Teachers for guiding her patiently.”

      Chloe, P6, Holy Innocents’ Primary School

      (by Mother of Chloe)

      “I attended only 2 lessons and my SA1 composition grade jumped to Band 1 from 20/40 (a recent composition I wrote in class)!“

      Cody, P6, Rosyth School

      To Register, Call/Whatsapp us: +65 9720 8802

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      2021 Model Compositions (Primary)

      2021 Model Compositions (Primary)

      Free Primary School Model Compositions (Singapore)
      We would like to share a collection of model compositions written by our students who have scored A/A* for PSLE English.

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