Terrarium & Creative Writing Workshop for ages 7-12

🌱 Ignite your child’s creativity and curiosity this holiday season!

Join our Terrarium & Creative Writing Workshop for ages 7-12

🌿 What to Expect:

🌱 Terrarium Fun: Watch your child’s eyes light up as they create their own miniature terrarium filled with vibrant plants and tiny wonders. It’s an exciting hands-on experience that fosters a love for nature and exploration.

📝 Expressive Writing: But we don’t stop at terrariums. We take your child’s creativity to new horizons with compelling writing activities. They’ll craft stories, poems, and journal entries inspired by their terrarium creations, enabling them to express their thoughts and ideas in captivating ways.

🏆 Take-Home Treasures:  At the end of the workshop, your child will proudly take home their very own terrarium and a personal journal brimming with their imaginative writing. These treasures will serve as lasting mementos of a day filled with adventure.

Fees: $95 2hrs x 1-day workshop

Serangoon  13 Mar Wed 1-3 pm



Last Lap Revision – Upper Primary Math Bootcamp (suitable for P5 & 6)


Fun fact: 

Did you know that Fractions, percentage and ratio word problems accounted for almost 30% of the  Math paper 2 each year ? Imagine scoring that 30% right from the get go and narrowing the gap between your child and their desired goal !

Is your child struggling with fraction, percentage and ratio word problems? 

Do you wish someone would explain the methodologies to tackle difficult paper 2 questions in the manner which your child can easily comprehend and apply during EOY?

Do you wish to help your child learn more strategies to achieve their desired grade for Math?

Would you like a step-by-step guide on the must know strategies to tackle Fractions, percentage and ratio word problems to guide your child at home? 

Then this workshop is for you! Learn how to score with easy to understand strategies and step-by-step guide on key strategies for each topic! 

What is covered: 

Learn crucial strategies to score for  Math paper 2 – with a focus on fractions, ratio and percentage word problems!

Comprehensive step-by-step notes for students and parents (yes you read it right!) to refer to for paper 2 word problems. 

Fees: $300 x 2hrs x 3 days workshop 


Session 1: 3, 4 & 5 Sept  Sat, Sun & Mon 1-3pm 

Session 2 : 6,7 & 8 Sept Tue , Wed & Thu 12.30-2.30pm

Materials will be printed and sent to your home!

Ace Your Secondary English Workshop for Sec 2- 4/ Get Ready for O levels

Ace Your Secondary English Workshop for Sec 2- 4/ Get Ready for O levels

Ace Your Secondary English Workshop for Sec 2- 4/ Get Ready for O levels

✅Find out how our students went from “borderline” to “TOP” of their class in essay writing!

✅Learn our step-by-step structured framework to write an awesome introduction for expository compositions to wow your teachers!

✅Learn techniques to answer the most challenging questions in the comprehension paper and secure your desired grade for your English paper!  

● Learn techniques to answer one of the most challenging question in the

Comprehension section.

Fees: $55 x 1.5hrs 1-day workshop 

Session 1: Online 14 May Sat 4-530pm

Session 2: Punggol/ Serangoon/Online: 23 May Mon 7-8.30pm
Session 3: Punggol/Serangoon/Online:  24 Jun Fri 1-3pm

Secondary 1 English Headstart Classes

Secondary 1 English Headstart Classes

Secondary 1 English Headstart Classes

The classes are suitable for those in IP/ Secondary (express) classes. 


This series of workshops(8 lessons) aims to impart fundamental important techniques to master for Comprehension, Personal Recount Essay Writing & Language Arts/Literature.


Workshop 1: Ace Your Comprehension 

  • Comprehension Skills and Practices (Narrative Passage Focus)
  • LJEC Comprehension Answering Techniques
  • Timed Practices & Answer Analysis


  • Session 1: 13, 20, 27 Nov Sat 3-5pm  OR
  • Session 2: 8 , 9, 10 Dec Wed Thu Fri 12.30 -2.30pm OR
  • Serangoon/Online Session: Mon 15, Tue 16 & Wed 17 Nov  3-5pm OR
  • Punggol: 5, 12, 19 Dec Sun 3-5pm 

Workshop 2: Personal Recount/Reflective Essay Writing Class

  • This workshop aims to impart useful techniques you can use to write excellent Personal Recount/ Reflective Essays, marked essay assignments and individual feedback for essay writing.
  • LJEC Super Writers™️ Essay Writing Techniques – Crafting excellent Introductions & Paragraphs
  • Model Compositions for reference
  • Essay Writing Practice + Teachers’ Individualized Feedback for Students



Session 1: Mon 8 Nov, Tue 9 Nov, Wed 10 Nov 12.30 – 2.30pm OR

Session 2:  Mon 29 Nov, Tue 30 Nov, Wed 1 Dec 12.30 – 2.30pm OR

Punggol: 14, 21, 28 Nov Sun 3-5pm 


Workshop 3: Ace Your Language Arts/ Literature Headstart workshop
Learn & Master important techniques to ace your language arts!

  • Master Important literary devices
  • Correct application of literary devices to analyse prose/poetry/literature texts
  • Learn Effective annotation methods for prose/poetry
  • Identify Key themes for prose/poetry/literature texts
  • Learn to do effective analysis for literature texts
  • Timed class practices for hands on practice for poems & prose

Online session 1: 15, 16 Nov 1230-230pm 

Online session 2: 6, 7 Dec Mon Tue 7-9pm 


Fees: $800 (Inclusive of materials & 2 copies of Ace Your Essay Writing Books)

Secondary 1 English Headstart Classes

Introduction to Secondary 1 English (for parents + P6 students going to Secondary 1 in 2022)

Introduction to Secondary 1 English (for parents + P6 students going to Secondary 1 in 2022)

  • The requirements for English Language at secondary level can be daunting, even for those with a good foundation. However, if your child acquires the right techniques from the start, it would set a good foundation for them to score well for one of the most important subject at secondary level.
  • By popular demand, we will be conducting our Ace Your Secondary 1 English Workshop Online, where we will be providing useful tips for you and your child to help ease the transition!
  • Principal- Teacher Grace Tan will be sharing the Requirements for Secondary 1 English and we will also answer any questions that you may have! What will be covered:
  • Techniques that your child can use to do well for Personal Recount/Reflective Essays
  • Introduction to the different question types found in the comprehension paper and LJEC answering techniques that your child can use to answer them.

Fees: $25 (Public,  Bring 2 friends for FREE) / $10 (LJEC Students, Bring 2 friends for FREE)

Online Session 1: Sat 13 Nov : 3 -5pm 

Online Session 2: Sat 11 Dec : 3-5pm

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