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A year ago, the idea of having online classes is not something everyone agrees with. Being physically distant from the teacher, not having a conducive learning environment, or even fear of embracing a new way of learning are some of the “challenges” that are thought to disrupt learning. Today, the term “online learning” has become part and parcel of our everyday language.

Learning Journey is proud to announce that on top of the regular physical classes, we now offer online classes! Not only have some of our existing students also jumped on the bandwagon to attend online classes, we have also garnered a new pool of students!  Our students have raved about how attending online classes have benefitted them in ways that were never possible before. Our survey has shown that both parents and students who live far away from our physical centres are glad that they can finally embark on a learning journey with us!

With physical distance out of the equation, our students can fully commit their time and energy on following our lessons, and excelling in their exams! Just take a look at what our A* online students have to say:

Which should you choose – an online or a physical class?

Below is a table of comparison between online and physical classes:

Online Class Physical Class
Go maskless! 🤓 Compulsory to wear a mask 😷
No commute, saves time ⏱️ Need to factor in travel time 🚌
Might face technical issues 👩🏻‍💻 ❓ No technical issues to solve 👨🏽‍🏫
Students who lack discipline can go astray from the lesson 💭 Teacher is able to closely (with social distancing 😅 ) monitor the student 👀
Slow typers might find it frustrating ⌨️  💤 It’s back to putting their pen to paper, literally 📝

Admittedly, online classes are not suitable for all students. Independent and technology-savvy learners adjust very well to learning online while others can take a longer time to adjust. With the flexibility in delivery mode, you are more than welcome to try our online classes before deciding which mode works best for you! 


What are offered in LJEC online lessons?

The LJEC Online Classroom Experience

Class Size With a maximum of six students in a class, a close monitoring of your child becomes possible. Hence, we are able to almost emulate the setting of a physical classroom.
Lesson Delivery

Lessons are delivered “LIVE”, which means that your child gets the immediate attention and feedback he or she needs. With such immediacy, he or she will be able to progress much better.

We do not provide pre-recorded teaching sessions. Why?

We believe that the human touch is important and the best way we can convey that in an online class is through live interaction with the teacher. In this way, students will still be able to ask their questions and get their answers in real-time.

Assignments Most assignments handed to the students will be submitted to us for marking. Once your child receives the completed marked copy, our teachers will go through the answers/composition corrections during the lessons with individualised feedback.
Materials Our online classes are designed in a way that mirrors teaching in the physical classroom. That means the same materials and techniques used in LJEC’s centre-based lessons are also used in our online classroom!

Furthermore, parents will be able to bond with their child whilst they learn online. This bonding effect is what builds a stronger relationship as well as a keenness to learn.

Who knows? You might pick up a new technique or two on your own!

Parents as Partners

Concerned that your child may not give his or her 100% attention in the online classroom? This is where we would like you to be our partner in learning!

In order for the online lessons to be effective, ensure that the following are in place:

  1. A conducive environment – less distractions, greater focus
  2. A working webcam and microphone – important tools for an effective participation
  3. A stable internet connection – for a smooth lesson
  4. A fully charged laptop or desktop – highly recommended for ergonomic purposes

Why Learning Journey?

Key Features:

  • Specially curated In-house curriculum and materials
  • Easy to use platform for homework submission and marking
  • LJEC Techniques for paper 1 and 2 sections
  • Super Writers™ writing techniques for Composition
  • Weekly Lessons of 1.5hours / 2-hours with LJEC Teachers
  • Real time monitoring and feedback

What is covered in the class?

Specially curated In-house curriculum and materials:

  • Paper 1 (Situational Writing & Creative Writing)
  • Paper 2 components 
  • Oral  (Reading Aloud & Stimulus-Based Conversation)

How are we different from other online classes? 


We specialise in Composition writing & Paper 1 and 2 Techniques

Comprehensive child-centric curriculum & Methodology

  • No more than six students in a class
  • Live lessons – Instant interaction through chat with video and Q&A participation
  • Real-time maximised interaction and engagement
  • Real-time submission of assignment and on-the-spot feedback
  • Not pre recorded video of lessons
  • Lesson Materials will be sent by courier FOC to your doorstep

Security Features


We place utmost attention to the safety of our students online.

Therefore, every live online lesson will have these security features in place:

At the end of the day, regardless of the type of class you have opted for, we encourage you to speak to our staff to discover the best methods for your child to excel. For more information, get in touch with us and we will be happy to help!


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